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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1, the first year in KS1.  In Year 1 we help children with their transition into the main school. 

We spend much time settling the children in and learning new routines.  We provide a happy and secure learning environment where all the children are encouraged to try their best and reach their full potential.

We ensure that the classrooms are stimulating places which motivate the children to work hard and achieve whilst also having fun.

Your child will be supported during this important year by Mrs Taylor, Mrs Pampols, Mrs Harris, Mrs Langham and Mrs Campbell.

The Phase Leader for KS1 is Mrs Taylor.

We provide the children with a broad and balanced curriculum which caters to the needs of all children. The children will primarily be learning through a number of exciting topics including ‘Season Changes’ where the children will investigate weather in different parts of the world and at different times of the year.

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Our children won a competition and their prize was an afternoon of fun with a visit from the Creation Station. The aim was to use their creativity to experiment with playdoh.  The children were able to make different shapes, create patterns and make their own monsters.


We have been learning all about Nadiya Hussain. We created a display with fact files, portraits and cupcakes. She is famous for winning The Great British Bake Off in 2015.


In Golden Time we made teddy bear puppets because we have been learning about The Everywhere Bear. We used split pins to join his body together.

Every Monday we write about our news. We talk with our friends about what we have been up to at the weekend and we write an independent sentence in our news books.

We had a letter from the Big Bad Wolf. He was asking for our forgiveness and help in finding some food as he was starving and exhausted. We got to ‘hot seat’ the Wolf and ask him lots of questions in order to help him find some food.

In our whole class reading session we have been focusing on word meanings. We read ‘The Smartest Giant in Town’ by Julia Donaldson. We found some new and unfamiliar words in the text. Then we talked with our partners to find out what each word meant, and thought of a definition or alternative word to match each one.

We followed a recipe to make our Christmas puddings for the Christmas Fayre. We needed to use chocolate, butter, golden syrup and rice krispies. First we melted the chocolate and mixed in the butter. Then we added the golden syrup. Next we poured the chocolate mixture over the rice krispies and stirred it gently. After that we spooned the mixture in to the cake cases. Once they have set we will decorate them with icing and snowflakes ready to sell at the fayre!

In English we have been learning about imperative verbs. We talked about giving ‘bossy’ instructions to each other. We will be writing our own instructions for making Christmas and will use imperative verbs for each instruction.

We have been sharing our ‘happy’ weekend news. We have been telling our talk partners about the great things we have been up to. Some of the lovely things we have been doing include…sleeping over at friends’ houses, going to Tiny Terrorz, taking a train ride to a café for a cake, watching movies at home and visiting our friends and family.


In Geography we have been learning to describe the places that we visit ‘often’ and ‘rarely’. We talked about how we get to school, who we travel with and places that we visit each day. We also talked about our surrounding at school. In class, we made our own viewfinders and got to explore our school grounds.

In Geography we have been learning about our local area. Our focus for today’s lesson was ‘We built our journey’. We discussed our journey to school and the different things we see on our way. Then we created our own route to school maps. Can you recognise anything on our maps?

In Geography we have been learning about ‘where we live’. We know that the United Kingdom is made up of different countries. We live in England. Can you find it on our maps?


As part of Black History month, as well as learning about significant people in History, we drew portraits of Nadiya Hussain. We took lots of time to focus on her facial features to create our own designs.

During our ‘My Family History’ topic, we looked at old and new toys and discussing the similarities and differences in the toys we play with now and the toys our Grandparents would have played with as children. We sorted pictures of old and new toys, discussed toys from the past and how they would have been played with.


In our our Inspire Workshop, our focus was on Reading and Phonics and the importance of reading at home. Parents were invited into school to work alongside their children. We talked about Letters and Sounds and how we use our digraphs and trigraphs to read and write, discussed how Bug Club is lots of fun and can support our reading at home and we also got to complete a reading activity where we had to read different words and match them to pictures. It was lovely to share this with some of our parents and show them how we learn at school.


In Letters and Sounds we have been learning to read and spell Phase 3 tricky words. We played a game of buried treasure where we had to identify the correct spellings of each tricky words and then we had a spelling test at the end of the lesson.


In Maths we have been focusing on the number 6. We all had 6 cubes and were able to explore the different number bonds we could make for 6. Can you see our number sentences? How many ways can you make 6?

We have been learning number bonds to 8. We used cubes to make different groups and then wrote each bond as a number sentence. We were able to find 9 different ways to make 8.

‘Number Bond Butterflies’. We have been learning our number bonds. This week our focus was on number bonds to 9. We worked in pairs to cut and stick halves of butterflies to match and create number bonds to 9.

We have been learning number bonds to 10.

We have been using ’10 frames’ to help us learn our number bonds to 10. We added dots to the frames to make 10 and then wrote our each number bond as a number sentence.

We have been using different resources to make number bonds to 20. We have used cubes, bonds beads and our fingers too! We have also used number bond sticks to work out which two numbers can be added together to make 20.


Key Stage One had a visit from Mo from ‘Animals in Hands’. He showed us lots of different animals that some of us got to stroke and hold too. To support our Science topic of ‘Animals’ we got to meet some nocturnal animals that Mo has rescued and takes very good care of. The children got to ask questions and learn lots of new and interesting facts. We had the opportunity to meet Barry the beetle, Trevor the toad, Ellie the Gecko, Yusuf the tarantula, Bruce the Royal Python, Sonic the hedgehog, Midnight the Barn Own and Luna & Winter the Chinchilla’s. We all had a wonderful day.


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