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Year 2

Welcome to Year Two, an extremely important year where we build on the knowledge and skills learnt in the Foundation Stage and Year One and prepare children for the transition to Key Stage Two.

We provide a happy and secure learning environment where all the children are encouraged to try their best and reach their full potential.

We ensure that the classrooms are stimulating places which motivate the children to work hard and achieve whilst also having fun.

Your child will be supported during this important year by Mr Smitten, Miss Leach, Mrs Davies and Miss Campbell.

The Phase Leader for KS1 is Mrs Taylor.

We provide the children with a broad and balanced curriculum which caters to the needs of all children. The children will primarily be learning through a number of exciting topics which are outlined in the termly topic letter.

Click on the link below to discover what is being taught:


Year 2 have been exploring the vibrant artwork of Martin Bulinya, this term. Throughout the term, we have been closely observing his artwork, his techniques and use of colour. This week, the children have had lots of fun drawing large scale recreations of his artwork, using faint and strong charcoal lines. Look at all of our lovely work!


In English, Year 2 have been practising writing instructions. We initially modelled how to make Party Apples and the children took pictures and discussed language that could be used in their work. We then sequenced the pictures and the children wrote some fantastic sentence starters they could use for each one. Finally, the children wrote some excellent instructions independently, using the pictures for support.


Year 2 have been learning about the weather. They have expanded their vocabulary and learned about lots of different types of weather, seasonal changes, why the weather changes and how the weather can be different across the United Kingdom. They even produced their very own weather reports and had great fun. The children then produced some beautiful seasonal pictures, using painting techniques.  


October is Black History month so Year 2 will be learning about a fascinating figure from British History – Walter Tull. In History, we have started to learn about how he is a significant individual and have compared his life in the past to our lives today.

As you can see, the children have also used their artistic skills to produce portraits of Walter, using pencil.


Year 2 have been using their place value skills to order and compare numbers this week. The children confidently applied their understanding of the value of Tens and Ones. Some children have extended their learning further by partitioning into Hundreds, Tens and Ones. They practically ordered sets of 2 digit numbers, which they really enjoyed.

Year 2 have been developing their addition skills so that they can add 2, 2 digit numbers together. They have used their fantastic place value skills to help them throughout the week. Using Dienes blocks and drawing jottings, they have successfully completed lots of adding. The teachers are really proud of how well they have used the different methods.
The investigated the properties of 2D and 3D shapes and have sorted and categorised shapes according to their properties. 


In science, Year 2 have been learning about what animals need to survive. We discussed how everything an animal needs can be found in their habitat. The children then designed their own perfect habitat for a fox using play dough.

The children have been learning about healthy living. With great enthusiasm, they have produced a poster showing the many ways in which they can stay healthy.


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