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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5, a very important year where we build on the work covered in Key Stage One and Lower Key Stage Two, in preparation for your child’s SATs in Year 6.

We provide a happy and secure learning environment where all the children are encouraged to try their best and reach their full potential.

We ensure that the classrooms are stimulating places which motivate the children to work hard and achieve whilst also having fun.

Your child will be supported during this significant year by Miss Traynor, Miss Walker, Mrs Sills, Mrs Shaw, Mrs Dunn and Mrs Farquharson.

The Phase Leader for Upper KS2 is Mrs McMahon.

We provide the children with a broad and balanced curriculum which caters to the needs of all children. The children will primarily be learning through a number of exciting topics which you will find stated in the termly topic letter.

Click on the link below to discover what is being taught:


After exploring the work of Andy Warhol, Year 5 have started to create their own prints.  We are very excited to be printing our own faces to create a self-portrait piece of art with lots of colour, just like the Pop Art of Andy Warhol.

Year 5 have been looking at Andy Warhol. The children made their own prints from their portraits. We think they look fantastic!

In our computing lessons, Year 5 have been using Scratch to create patterns. We have been looking at how patterns are used within Islamic art and then tried to re-create some of these ourselves. The children began by using scripts to create a polygon, ensuring we used the correct degrees for each corner of the shape. We then added to the script so that it would create a repeated pattern using the polygon. It was amazing how every child managed to create a different design!



Today we have been working in groups to sort out information to go in our non-chronological report.  We had to decide which sub-heading each statement would go into as well as adding some of our own ideas.


Year 5 have started looking at Paul Stephenson for Black History Month. We discovered that he is famous for starting the Bristol Bus Boycott. We had a really interesting conversation about how unfair it was to discriminate people because of their race and skin colour.

Year 5 have been studying The Vikings in History so as part of our DT lessons, we have been looking at a Viking diet and how they compare to ours.  We then had a go at making our own bread using a recipe they would have used in the Viking times. Year 5 had great fun measuring, mixing and kneading!


In Year 5 we have been solving problems. We applied our knowledge of the written method of subtraction to solve problems that were set out in different ways. Miss Walker was very proud of her group as they worked extremely hard!


Year 5 had the very exciting opportunity to visit the Guru Nishkam Sewak Gurudwara in Handsworth.  It was very exciting to find out all about langar as we have been exploring the idea of hospitality in our RE lessons.  We also found it fascinating to find out about Sikhism and visit another place of worship.

We began our visit with an introduction to the Gurudwara and to Sikhism by our guide.  We all sat in the Langar Hall and listened very carefully.

After hearing lots of information, we have the opportunity to ask lots of questions, such as:

  • Do people who work at the Gurudwara get paid?
  • What is the name of your holy book?
  • How long do volunteers read the scriptures aloud for?
  • Will there be a twelfth guru?
  • Why are all of the volunteer readers older?

We were able to spend some time in the Prayer Room, listening to the Guru Granth Sahib, which is the Sikh Holy Scripture.  It is read aloud 24 hours a day, 7 days a year by volunteers, with each volunteer taking 2 hours to aloud, which we thought was very impressive.  We kept our heads covered with scarves and hats as a sign of respect.  We also took our shoes off to enter the prayer hall.

The Gurudwara has lots of prayer rooms, but the one we were most amazed by was on the roof of the building.  After climbing lots of stairs, we came of the roof and found a small but beautifully decorated prayer room.

The room was full of golden decorations and we were particularly amazed by the ceiling, which we found out had been built and donated by a local Muslim man. 


The prayer room also gave us a fantastic view over the city of Birmingham.

Thank you very much to the Guru Nishkam Sewak Gurudwara for their generous hospitality.



We have had lots of fun exploring materials and their properties.  We predicted whether the changes which occurred when we made jelly were reversible or irreversible.  We found that the jelly changed from a solid, to a liquid and then back to a solid again when we put it in the fridge to set!  We had to think really carefully about our scientific language because the jelly did not freeze – Miss Traynor even put her finger in the jelly to show us that it wasn’t frozen!

Year Five have moved on to looking at solutions and mixtures. We found out that a solution is made when a solid is dissolved in a liquid; we investigated whether salt, sugar, tea, coffee and flour were soluble or insoluble. 

The salt, sugar and coffee all dissolved and made a solution.

The flour and tea did not dissolve therefore they made a mixture.

Year 5 look at the results of their investigation to see whether they could separate a solution. After leaving a solution of salt and water to evaporate, we found that all the liquid had gone and there was salt left in the bottom of the petri dish.  We looked at how each group’s dish looked slightly different. We concluded that the salt was left because a liquid will evaporate but a solid will not.


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