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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6, where the children will be working hard towards their end of year SATs.

We aim to provide a happy and secure learning environment where all the children are encouraged to try their best and reach their full potential.

We ensure that the classrooms are stimulating places which motivate the children to work hard and achieve whilst also having fun.

Your child will be supported during this important year by Mr Hopkins, Mrs Hull, Mrs McMahon, Mrs Murfin, Mrs Johnson and Mrs Goodridge.

The phase leader for Upper Key Stage 2 is Mrs McMahon.

We provide the children with a broad and balanced curriculum which caters to the needs of all children. The children will primarily be learning through a number of exciting topics including a local geographical study, The Viking and Anglo – Saxon struggle for the Kingdom of England, and the world of Shakespeare.

Click on the link below to discover what is being taught:


Year 6 have been sorting living things into their habitats and discussing what adaptations each organism possesses to help it survive in such an environment.


In Class 2 the children have measured key parts of their bodies linked to their skeletons.  Some of the children noticed that the length of their foot is the same length as their forearm. (24cm which is 9 ¼ inches. To covert cm to mm we can simply calculate 24cm x 10 = 240mm)

Other children noticed that the length of their arm span is the same length as their height. (143cm which converts to 143cm x 10 = 1430mm.  It is also approximately 56 inches)

Another link made by the children was the fact that most of the limb lengths; upper arm and forearm, the thigh and lower leg, are similar measurements. We are looking forward to taking all of these measurements again in July 2020 to see how much our skeletons have grown.

Mr Hopkins maths group practised long multiplication on their whiteboards. They worked carefully through every step of the process and were very proud of their efforts.

Year 6 worked practically to measure mass, capacity and length. We estimated, them measured the mass of household items using scales; chose what tools to use to measure length, using tape measures, rulers or meter sticks and saw how different shaped vessels effect our estimation of capacity.


Year 6 have been editing their diary writing, which is linked to the classic book, Goodnight Mister Tom.  The writing has been supported by what the children are learning about in History lessons.


As part of their history unit, investigating the impact of war on The United Kingdom, the children of Year 6 visited the National Arboretum in Staffordshire where they researched the symbolism of the memorials and the medals that the soldiers were awarded.  With this is mind the children have used clay to design their own medals, not just for the achievements of the soldiers who went to war but for other occasions such as the athletes that take part in the Olympics.  Did you know that animals are also awarded medals?  Ask Year 6 to tell you about Simon the cat and his medal.


In our Music lesson, played in time on our glockenspiels to ‘Happy’ by Pharrell Williams.


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