Parent Zone


Every child has the rights to an education and it is solely the Parent's/Carer's responsibilty to ensure their child/ren receives full-time education and that these children attend school on a regular basis.  It’s the law!  (Section 36 of the Education Act 1944).  Parents can be taken to Court for breaking this law (Section 199 of the Education Act 1993).
It is the duty of a Parent/Carer to contact school on the first day of absence to explain why their child is not in school. 
An absence for an unacceptable or unexplained reason will not be authorised and will appear on your child’s attendance record as un-authorised absence.

Our Attendance Initiatives

We believe in rewarding good attendance and with this in mind undertake several initiatives which take place weekly, termly and annually which gives all of our children a chance to contribute and gain rewards for good attendance.

  • Weekly: Each week one of our Classes receives a certificate and trophy for ‘Best Class Attendance’ that week.
  • Termly: Each child with fantastic attendance between 97%-100% will receive an Attendance Certificate.
  • Annually: We are excited to announce that we will be holding book awards with a book going to the child with the highest attendance in each class, our children love to read and the decision to award books has been championed by our School Council.

Mrs I. Mahoney
(School Pastoral Manager)


Severne Primary School,
Severne Road, Acocks Green
Birmingham, B27 7HR