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At Severne, our primary aim is the safety and well-being of our pupils and staff.  We recognise that a school closure will impact differently on all of us and we acknowledge that families will face a variety of situations and challenges.  With this in mind, we have taken all steps possible to keep our school open. Pupils and adults are all being instructed to wash or sanitise hands much more frequently and additional sanitisers have been placed strategically along both the junior and infant corridor and the administration corridor. 

Due to the ever-changing situation, our planning covers a school closure.

Our hope in sharing these plans is that you fully understand that we will do all that we can to keep our pupils and staff safe, whilst at the same time continuing to provide them with a valuable education and ensure minimal disruption to their learning.

Instruction to close the whole school for a limited period - Remote Education

If the government instructs schools to close, all children would be required to stay at home and follow the guidance issued.  We would then use BGfL 365 to set online work for pupils.  The work set will vary according to the age of the children but a plan will be provided alongside the work set.  If a parent/pupil has difficulty logging on, they should email

Please refer to the table below- In the event of a class/bubble closure or whole school closure.

Receiving the advice that a class or the whole school needs to isolate.

Teachers will set work using BGfl 365.

All parents will have received a parent guide on how to gain access to BGfL 365 and access the work for their child. Pupil log in details are in the front of the pupils reading diaries.

Teachers will provide a child friendly plan that outlines what the pupil will need to do as part of their home learning, with links to websites and the names of the documents and PowerPoints that the pupils will need to access in order to complete the work.

This will be uploaded ready for the day after the closure or the Monday should the closure have occurred on a Friday.

Online learning

Pupils will be expected to complete the work during the normal school hours and therefore, teachers will access the work completed after 3:05pm.  Teachers will give feedback on the tasks completed.

If a pupil has not accessed the online learning (pupils on the list as being able to complete online learning), they will be contacted by a member of staff.


If parents require assistance, they will be able to telephone the school or email and a member staff will talk them through how to access the work.

Subsequent days

Daily tasks will be uploaded the night before, ready for the following day or there may be several days work uploaded.  However, the expectation is that only the work set for a specific day needs to be completed.

We are aware that some families may have no hardware for an online approach to learning. Where this is the case, we could consider lending the child a laptop. If a loan of a laptop would be useful in this scenario, please email

If a family has no access to online learning, we will provide home learning packs that would need to be collected from school.  The pupil would then bring their completed work back to school on their return.

We do recognise that the health and wellbeing of our pupils is paramount and we appreciate that the level of work that might be undertaken by a child will reflect the situation and circumstances at home.  If you require any assistance or guidance throughout home learning, please do not hesitate to email the school and a member of staff will get back to you.

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