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Lots of recommendations of great reads for you to explore and recommend to your children, all linked to current topics that they are learning in class!

Topic Books

Year 6

World War II

Blackout!  Tony Bradman     

Britain has been fighting the Second World War for five years and, with his father away serving in the navy, Jimmy feels responsible for looking after his mother and sister.  But when he loses track of time at the cinema, Jimmy finds himself in real trouble.  It's dark, and the sirens are blaring - it's a bombing raid!  Forced to spend the night in a shelter, when he finally gets home, there's no home to go to. The house has been bombed out and his mother and sister are nowhere to be found. How will Jimmy survive alone on the dangerous streets of London? And will he ever find his family?


Blackout!: 1 : Bradman, Tony: Books

Year 5

Crime and Punishment

The Adventures of Robin Hood   Marcia Williams     

Delve into the fascinating tales of outlaw Robin Hood and his merry men. The tales are retold in Marcia Williams' distinctive comic book style, with speech bubbles and many humorous details in both the text and illustrations that pupils will love.

The Adventures of Robin Hood: Williams, Marcia, Williams,  Marcia: 9781406311372: Books

Year 4

The Romans

The Long-Lost Secret Diary of the World's Worst Roman Gladiator    Tim Collins 

This series of hilarious fictional diaries put us inside the heads of hapless figures from history. Marcus is a 15-year-old boy living in Pompeii in 79 AD. During a trip to Rome with his merchant dad, he finds himself tricked into becoming a gladiator and forced to fight deadly warriors in the arena. Will Marcus manage to escape his imprisonment? And will he learn to fight and distinguish himself as a gladiator... or will he just run away screaming?


Year 3

Stone Age to Bronze Age

Stone Age Boy   Satoshi Kitamura   

This engaging picture book tells the story of a boy who falls down a hole to find himself back in time 15,000 years. He wakes in a prehistoric camp and finds out about life in a Stone Age village.



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