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Children are able to enjoy reading and use it as a means to learn about the world and to engage their imagination, when they are able to decode fluently and understand what they are reading.  Bug Club Phonics focuses on the decoding aspect of reading, but alongside this, we teach daily reading lessons which focus on ensuring that children develop the strategies necessary to both use reading as a tool to learn, but also find pleasure and enjoyment in reading.

In KS1, children will read texts which are aligned to their Bug Club stage; they model, are taught and practise key strategies for reading.  They also have a core text which they will read together as a class and use as a prompt for discussion and writing.  In KS2, children read and explore texts from our bespoke Literature Spine, which is progressive throughout the school.  We place a huge importance upon discussion and modelling, to ensure that the children develop their vocabulary and understanding of texts.

We place a high value upon fluency – if children are fluent and confident readers, more capacity is freed up to focus on understanding what they are reading.  As such, children read aloud regularly, as well as learn poetry to perform, which increases expression, automatic word recognition, rhythm and phrasing and smoothness.

Alongside discrete reading lessons, we also use high quality texts across the curriculum to support learning and discussion.  These texts are broad and consist of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, plays, and so much more.  We know that through demonstrating how to use reading as a way to learn new things, children will apply this to their lifelong learning.

Click below for more information on our Reading Offer here at Severne, as well as to see our Literature Spine and Poetry Spine.

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