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School Inspections

Our school was last inspected by Ofsted in November 2022 and we were judged as a good school.

Here are some comments from the Inspection Report:
  • Severne Primary School is a kind, caring community where pupils feel happy and safe.
  • Pupils enjoy coming to school and achieve well.

  • Severne Primary School ensure that reading is taught well.

  • Pupils are well behaved in lessons. They are polite and respectful. They listen attentively and fully engage in their learning.

  • Severne Primary School have high expectations of what pupils can achieve.

  • Severne Primary School provide a high quality experience for the youngest children in the early years.

  • Children develop early language and number skills well. They practise these skills when working independently indoors and outdoors.

  • Older pupils learn to see the world differently by reading diverse, ambitious class novels. This allows them to deepen their exposure to and understanding of different texts. Pupils enjoy reading these novels.

  • Leaders carefully identify pupils in need of additional support.

  • Pupils develop an understanding of democracy through the school council. They recognise and respect others differences by learning about different faiths and cultures.

  • Pupils know that they have the right to make choices and express their views. This ensures that pupils are well prepared for life in modern Britain.

  • The recent school developments have improved the quality of education significantly

Click on the link below to read the full report.

Severne Primary School,
Severne Road, Acocks Green
Birmingham, B27 7HR